1. Donny and Dare Radcliff ( 3 Homes)
Ridgelawn Drive East
14. Don and Linda Bigler
2. Tom and Becky Myers (2 Homes)
River Forrest Drive
15. Eddie and Sharon McDonough
Longview Drive
3. Jeff and Elizabeth Terry
Kingsway Road
16. Gaylord and Janet Lyon (2 Homes)
Myrtlewood Lane
4. Wayne and Cheryl Smith
Louisville, KY
(Josephine Vacation Home)
17. Sandy and Carolyn Hupp
Bellevue Circle
5. Vance and Teresa McCown
Dog River Road
18. Ed and Diane Dyas
Riviera Du Chien Loop
6. Butch and Julia Stallings
Higgins Road
18. Don and Linda Bigler
7. Tom and Sarah Damson
Myers Lane
19. Eric and Karen Engerson
Mordecai Lane
8. Edgar and Madeline Downing
Springbank Road
20. Jeff and Cathy McGowin
Austill Place
9. Jim and Karen Atchison
Croyden Road
21. Hube and Pam Parker
Kingsway Road
10. Gerhard and Linda Boehm
Country Club Road
22. Regina Gilliland
Ridgelawn Drive East
11. Bill and Gwen Healy
McGregor Oaks Court
23. Donnie and Shannon Tyler
River Forrest Road
12. David and Linda Harris
Bit and Spur Road
24. Richard and Mary Taylor
Dilston Lane
13. Jim and Michelle Spires (2 Homes)
Myrtlewood Lane
25. Robert and Judy Campbell
Kingsway Road
26. Mark and Liz Harrison
(Under Construction)


1. Lucy Barr7. Ann Luce
2. Russell Barton8. Mary Jo Matranga
3. Don Bowden9. Craig Roberts
4. Paul Fontenot10. Pete Vallas
5. Angela Grady11. Lea Verneuille
6. Wayne Holder13. Ellen Waller


1. Ramsey Stuart
Riley Stuart Supply Co.
7. Trey Blankenship
Universal Glass
3. Dan Haas
Coastal Insulation
8. Edward Leatherbury
Batchelors Residential Service
4. Keith Wesley
Ford Lumber Co.
9. Eddie Cornell
Spring Hill Lighting
5. Tom Hannaman
Mobile Appliance
10. Clay Doyle
Geothermal Solutions
6. Nancy Blackwell or Campbell Rayford
Rayford and Associates